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Improving skills for skilled crews in the contracting and building field

The University College of Applied Sciences (program that targeting the academics and technicians in the elevators UCAS) has conducted an advanced vocational training fields, refrigeration and air conditioning, and maintenance of electronic panels, in order to develop their skills and enhance their technical and academic capabilities. This training came within the framework of the project’s activities which entitled “Improving skills and creating jobs opportunities for skilled crews in the contracting and building field”, which is implemented by (UCAS) with the funding from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) program, and in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank.

Dr. Tamer Ashtawi, Vice President for Planning and External Relations, explained that the project aims to rehabilitate and train a group of skilled technicians from Gaza Strip in three fields: elevators, cooling and air conditioning, and maintenance of electronic panels within the above-mentioned grant with the sake of providing the trainees with scientific and practical expertise to reduce the technological gap between the Gaza Strip and abroad in these areas, and to enhance the opportunities of trainees to work and contribute to the development of companies that working in these fields in addition to qualifying other professionals.

Dr. Ashtawi stressed that UCAS seeks through the implementation of this vocational training program to  to the development of technicians’ capabilities in the Gaza Strip and to equip them with the skills and experience they need to keep up with modern technology for the development of companies and institutions in which they work, and thus improve the professional reality of these areas so the trainees have been selected from a number of sectors such as ministries, universities, institutions and private companies. The training will be conducted through live broadcast technology with a leading Jordanian academy that specializing in training fields.

Eng. iIbrahim Dahshan, one of the beneficiaries of the training in the field of elevators, said; “after reviewing the training material in the elevators field, it is expected that the training program comes into contact with our actual needs in this area. It will focus on the exact details of the latest technologies used in the installation and maintenance of elevators, and this will have a prominent role in the development of our work in this field.

It is worth noting that the intensive training program continued for more than a month in the building of TVET programs at the UCAS with the participation of 40 trainees in the fields of elevators, refrigeration and air conditioning and maintenance of electronic panels. The training program will be followed by a research and field study to assess and develop local technical problems in the targeted areas within the project.

Reem AkkeilaImproving skills for skilled crews in the contracting and building field