Development Projects

Improving skills for skilled crews in the contracting and building field

The University College of Applied Sciences (program that targeting the academics and technicians in the elevators UCAS) has conducted an advanced vocational training fields, refrigeration and air conditioning, and maintenance of electronic panels, in order to develop their skills and enhance their technical and academic capabilities. This training came within the framework of the project’s

Building capacity for a sustainable-bright future for GIS sector in Gaza Strip

With the hard circumstances that Palestine lives with, investing in human resources is an optimal solution to achieve the sustainable development in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the Geographical Information Science (GIS) is highly needed in the Strip, it suffers from a lack of the development expertise, equipment and approaches as well as, developing the

UCAS GIS Center conducts a specialized training course in “Spatial Database Management”

UCAS GIS Center has conducted a training course entitled “Spatial database management and spatial web applications development”. This training course targets GIS specialists and technicians in local organizations and companies. Through this 60 hours-training course, trainees are expected to be able to develop and link GIS databases with organizations’ databases, develop spatial data servers, manage