About us

The Planning and External Relations Office is the heart and soul of all international activities at UCAS. Our task is the coordination of international partnerships, networks, co-operation agreements, and staff exchange links with academic institutions around the world, as well as the development of projects with international partners. Part of our focus is on promoting capacity-building opportunities through international mobility for staff and students. We can be consulted on establishing international partnerships and connecting with networks and mobility opportunities for staff and students.


Our vision is to become the leading college in the region providing distinguished training in technical and vocational education focusing on applied sciences.


Our mission is to provide the various sectors in Palestine and the region with its needs for highly-qualified and skillful professionals; thus participating in building a modernized state.

Towards this end, the College strives to:

  • Opening new majors based on local and regional job markets.
  • Developing the performance of our academic and administrative staff.
  • Providing state-of-the-art learning facilities to our students.
  • Expanding and modernizing our central library as an indispensable academic tool for students and faculty.
  • Establishing and maintaining strong relations with the local and international partners through which mutual benefits could be achieved.


  • Developing strategic alliances and managing institutional partnerships and collaborations including our memberships.
  • Develop international agreements,funding opportunities,information on student exchanges,participation in visits and profile raising.
  • Managing visits by UCAS delegations to institutions in other regions of the world. Please contact us if you think that your department would benefit from involvement in any of these visits.
  • Hosting visits by delegations from international universities and other public bodiestoUCAS. If your institution is planning to host an international visit and you would like our involvement, let us know.
  • Building an international profile for media coverage, events, and conferences.

Our vice-rector

Tamer A. Eshtawi Vice Rector for Planning and External Relations

Unit directors

Ahmed Z. Kordia Assistant of vice-rector

Mohammed H. Mushtaha Head of external relations office, head of energy unit

Saleh S. Abushaban Head of Community Service and Continuing Education Center

Head of Community Service and Continuing Education Center. Master Degree in Construction Projects Management.

Ahmed S. Ghorab Head of development programs unit

Mohammed H. Al-Abadla Head of accounting unit

Staff members

Auda M. Elshokry Projects officer

Experienced Projects Management and Development

Hatem D. Abu-Sultan Project coordinator

Abdallah O. Al-haddad Head of alumni unit

Reem M. Akkeila Projects Coordinator

Samah Y. Mohaisen Admin assistant

Ola F. Azam Admin assistant

Mohammed M. Ashour Project coordinator

Mohammed Z. Al-Jawie Project coordinator

Mona R. El-Nakhala Admin assistant

Abdulrahman M. Mansour Field coordinator

Abdalrahman M. Al-Franji Field coordinator

Muna R. Abu-Jadallah Admin assistant

Ayman O. Reesh Field coordinator

Osama F. Baraka Accountant

Ahmed A. Hashem Accountant

Mohammed K. Bahar Accountant

Abedallah M. Abu-Ellaban Secretary

Sameh M. Herzallah Secretary

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